15+ Surprising Lithosphere Facts For Kids

Earth Lithosphere

15+ Surprising Lithosphere Facts For Kids Earth’s Lithosphere can be best defined as a solid shell or a crust that protects the earth. So, in a way, the lithosphere protects the Earth just as an eggshell protects the egg yolk. Right below the lithosphere, there’s yet another layer known as the asthenosphere. This is a … Read more

Biosphere: Importance, Examples and Facts


What is Biosphere? The biosphere is also known as ecosphere. It is the worldwide sum of all ecosystems, incorporating all life forms and their relationships, which includes their interactions with the elements of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. Simply put, the biosphere is the space on or near the Earth’s surface where land, air, and … Read more

Hydrosphere: Importance, Examples and Facts


What is Hydrosphere? The Earth has four main spheres. Hydrosphere is of them. It is the water component of the Earth. In other words, all of the water found on Earth is known as Hydrosphere. Estimated to be about 361740000 square kilometers, the hydrosphere covers 70.8% of the earth. It encompasses all water bodies, icebergs, … Read more

The Four Main Spheres of Earth: Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Lithosphere and Atmosphere


What is Earth? The earth is the 3rd planet from the sun between Venus and Mars. The earth is made up of several unique properties, characteristics, composition and they all affect the processes of the earth differently. Every of these properties and elements in Earth’s system are largely categorized into one of the four major … Read more