U-shaped Valleys: Formation, Examples and Difference Between U-shaped Valley and V-shaped Valley


What are U-shaped Valleys? Valleys are of many kinds, however, among valleys mostly found formations are either U-shaped valley or V-shaped valley. U shaped valleys are found all over the world and are very common in mountain ranges, mainly where glaciers are formed or in previously glaciated mountainous areas. U-shaped valleys usually have a distinct … Read more

What is a Valley Landform: Formation and Types of Valleys


What is a Valley Landform? Valleys are the most predominant landforms on the face of the earth. They are found on virtually every continent on planet earth, along sea bottoms, and other planets. Valleys assume a wide array of forms, from broad plains to steep-sided canyons. The kind of valley created depends on numerous factors, … Read more

What is a Glacier: Types, Formation and Location


What is a Glacier? Most of today’s landscapes were carved out by the extensive glaciers of the most recent ice age. The perfectly modified landscapes robustly reflect the handiwork of ice. This carving ability explains why they are known as nature’s bulldozers. Europe harbors most of the world’s glaciers. The largest glacier is eastern Antarctica’s … Read more

What are the 7 Continents of the World? – List of the Seven Continents


What are the 7 Continents of the World? The planet earth is made up of vast land masses, which makes up where all human beings live. Among all the planets in the solar system, the earth offers the most diverse land mass features. These land masses are known as continents covering 1/3rd area of the … Read more