Top 13 Highest Picturesque Waterfalls in India That Will Make You Fall in Love With Them

Dudhsagar Falls

Top 13 Highest Picturesque Waterfalls in India The abundance of natural resources and its scenic beauties are galore in India. There are numerous waterfalls that are captivating with natural splendor. This article will describe 13 such highest waterfalls in the country that are stunningly beautiful. 1. Kunchikal Falls The Varahi River, when jumps from the … Read more

What are Depositional Landforms? Formation and Various Types of Depositional Landforms


What are Depositional Landforms? On the earth’s surface, landforms are natural features that make the earth beautiful. These landforms include mountains, hills, valleys, and other shoreline features. The geological process in which sediments, soil, rocks, sand, and pebbles are added to the landforms and increase its size, is known as a deposition. The depositional landforms … Read more

What are Coastal Landforms? How are They Formed and Types of Coastal Landforms


What are Coastal Landforms? Coastal landforms are the landforms along the coastline that are mostly formed by erosion and sediments from waves, longshore currents, rip currents, tides, and climatic factors like wind and rainfall, and temperature include headlands, cliffs, bays, spits, salt marshes, and beaches. Formation of Coastal Landforms Coastal landforms can be formed either … Read more

25+ Fascinating Facts About Rainbows That Will Stir Your Curiosity


25+ Fascinating Facts About Rainbows That Will Stir Your Curiosity As nature’s one of the most splendid creations, Rainbow has inspired many poems, songs, paintings, and other forms of art. It is a very simple scientific phenomenon of bending or refraction of light that creates an amazing spectrum of colors while passing through water droplets. … Read more