What are Wildlife Sanctuaries? Why are They Important and How Do They Help the Wildlife?


What are Wildlife Sanctuaries? Wildlife sanctuaries are those areas where animals and plants are well-protected from external disturbances. These sanctuaries call for the complete prohibition of capturing or poaching animal habitats. Their goal is to establish a comfortable environment for the animals inhabiting the area. Several wildlife sanctuaries like the Black Beauty Ranch of Texas … Read more

Different Types of Elephants – Information and Description


Different Types of Elephants Elephants are the largest terrestrial mammals on Earth, belonging to the Elephantidae family within Proboscidea order. This one of the most unique-looking animals does not match with any other animal having a similar physique. They are characterized by massive bodies, long flexible noses, or trunks; tusks; large fan-like floppy ears; and … Read more

Tasmanian Devils: What do They Eat and Where do They Live? Major Causes Why Have They Become Endangered and Solutions to Save Them


What are the Tasmanian Devils? Most people are familiar with Looney Tunes character Taz or the Tasmanian devil. No, that character does not resemble the real Tasmanian devil except their poor temperament. Here are some stunning facts about the world’s largest living carnivorous marsupial, the Tasmanian devil. The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a small … Read more

25+ Amazing Lion Facts For Kids


25+ Amazing Lion Facts For Kids Kids know Disney’s The Lion King very well. This majestic animal is called the ‘king of the jungle’ or ‘Simba’ in the Swahili language. These royal beasts are known for their roars, golden mane, royal gait, fiery eyes, ferociousness, strength, and a highly sociable attitude. As lions are portrayed … Read more

25+ Amazing and Unknown Facts About Sheep


25+ Amazing and Unknown Facts About Sheep Sheep have a vibrant history, and they can be linked back to biblical times. It was around 10000 years before in Central Asia when sheep were domesticated. The oldest organized industry was raising sheep. The United States is known for sheep rearing. Out of 900 different breeds around … Read more

20+ Spectacular Facts About Arctic Fox You May Not Know About


20+ Spectacular Facts About Arctic Fox You May Not Know About Arctic foxes (Vulpes Lagopus or ‘hare footed fox’) are iconic animals of Arctic Tundra. Despite living in rarely visited spots, it gained immense popularity among visitors of Arctic. These small, northern animals have cheeky personality and playful nature, which make them popularly known as … Read more